Playoff Bound

THE UTAH JAZZ ARE IN THE 2016-2017 NBA PLAYOFFS!!! It’s real, folks. The Jazz have officially done it and will move on from the regular season to the playoffs where they say anything can happen. One thing for sure will happen and that is that the Delta Center Energy Solutions Arena Vivint Smarthome Arena will be rocking. I’ve been a casual fan for a while, but something happened these past few years that has made me really lock onto the NBA and especially my hometown Utah Jazz.

The only player on the current Utah Jazz roster that has played a playoff game for them is Gordon Hayward. That was back in 2012 when he was a 21 year old boy without his GQ style haircut. Today, at age 26, Hayward is a buff all-star with a revamped team ready to lay it all out on the line. This Jazz team is hungry from the players like Rodney Hood to never have had the sensation of the playoffs to Joe Johnson who is a seasoned vet ready to make another go at it, top to bottom the team has earned its spot and will not go home without a fight.

That’s the super optimistic Jazz fan in me talking. Bringing it back to reality for a minute the Jazz have the pleasure of facing the Los Angeles Clippers. This Clippers team is led by one of the best point guards in the league and is stacked with experience. This isn’t the Clippers first go around. They’ve been here before. They have been through the scrutiny and the heartbreak that is the NBA playoffs and they feel as if they have paid their dues. This Clippers team is dangerous and the Jazz have to be ready for a super physical game right from the get go. The Jazz need to punch back harder than they get punched.

At the beginning of this season all my expectations were was to make the playoffs. As the season went on and the Jazz continued to do what I know they could (even through all the injuries) my expectations grew. I know I should’t get too crazy with my expectations during this playoff run, but this Jazz team may never be together again. With so many new signings before this season and contracts coming to an end the fans may never see this team compete again. This is why I threw out my old expectations of just making the playoffs to winning a few series and showing the rest of the NBA that this Jazz team is for real.

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