Skyline of Salt Lake City Utah taken on a sunny winter day

Basketball Before the Jazz

The first male professional basketball team to come to Utah was the Utah Stars of the American Basketball Association. This, of course, was before the ABA and NBA would eventually merge. But during this time the Utah Stars has a successful run in the ABA winning a title in the 6 season they played in Salt Lake City. The Utah Stars would fold in 1975 but professional basketball in Utah was just getting warmed up.

NBA Comes to Utah

The Jazz came to Utah in 1979 from New Orleans who had their fair share of troubles when it came to running a professional basketball team from the National Basketball Association. Because of Salt Lake City’s success with the Utah Stars the decision was made to move the New Orlean Jazz to Utah. Despite this move, the Jazz would keep their colors and uniforms. Today, the Jazz have been in Utah for almost 40 years contributing to their share of basketball history.

The Jazz Today

John Stockton and Karl Malone were some of the first true All-Stars to pave the way for the future of Utah Jazz basketball. From the Stockton and Malone era the Jazz have been fighting and clawing their way back to the top. The constant fight to the top that comes with running an NBA franchise is not an easy task. The way the Utah Jazz have been able to always be consistent while running the team is something fans shouldn’t take for granted. Today, in 2017, the Jazz are finally back to seeing one of the most competitive professional basketball teams in the NBA.

The logo of the first professional basketball team in Utah called the Stars Shows the different uniforms of the Jazz throughout their history and their evolution.

Future renovations of Vivint Smarthome Arena includes updating the seats to a navy blue