Featured Player – 4/12/17

Rudy Gobert, The Stifle Tower, The French Rejection, or just plain ol’ Ruuuuuuudy. A combination of durability, competitiveness, and freakishly long limbs help Rudy impose his will onto opponents. The leaps in his game he has made year to year has been second to none as he now leads the NBA in blocks. His presence on the floor is enough to deter anyone from venturing into the paint. All this is no longer just made up noise by a young player, this guy is for real and one of the reasons why the Jazz have gone from winning 30ish games just three years ago to now making it to the 50 win mark. Rudy has done exactly what coach Quin Snyder needs him to do, to buy in. He has bought into the system, his role, and most importantly the city of Salt Lake. This was solidified when he put pen to paper and signed his 4 year 102 million dollar contract extension earlier this year. Worth every penny.

Rudy is now only one of twelve NBA players (since blocks were recorded) to register 1000 points 1000 rebounds and 200 blocks. Slcdunk.com did a great piece on it here. There is so much promise in Rudy’s basketball talent and personality. He effects both sides of the ball and doesn’t mind being the fire underneath the asses of the rest of the team. That’s something that no statistics will ever keep track of. The desire to lead and to be the fall guy when things don’t go your way is something every winning team in the NBA needs. A guy to step up when pushed against the wall, a guy to claw out of a hole one possession at a time. Rudy has embraced Salt Lake City and the city has embraced him back. As the Jazz prepare for hopefully a long playoff run the anchor of our defense who has had his best year in the NBA to date is our featured player.



Rudy Gobert goes up for a dunk against the New York Knicks

Rudy Gobert goes up high to block the shot of the opposition